Sandra Mendez
Sanchez Ochoa, School Counselor

Sandra Mendez School Counselor
(956) 273-4514

Sandra Mendez, school counselor at Sanchez/Ochoa Elementary

Graduate of TAMIU, Laredo Community College & St. Augustine High School.

Born in Chicago, Illinois and then moved to Laredo, TX

I have been an educator with LISD for 34 years.

As a counselor, I assume a very active and integral role in the school setting. My goal is that every child has the capacity to reach their full potential.

Our priority is to stop the bullying. Bullying is a major problem in schools today, yet a very small minority of children are actually bullies. See link for more information on bullying.

Children must never bully others, do their best to help anyone who is bullied, be friendly to students who are left out, and report bullying to an adult at school and at home.

Bullying Flyer 
Bullying Information
LISD Board Policy on Bullying